Sizing - Winter

To pick the right Yarn&Bones hat size you will want to:

1. Measure your dog's crown circumference: Start with the measuring tape on their forehead, just above their eyes and follow around crown of head, under their ears, towards the back of their neck.

2. Check our Sizing Guide below and pick the closest size of hat. If your doggo's head measurement lies in between sizes note that the hat will stretch up to approximately 0.5" (1.2cm). For example if your dog's crown circumference is 12" (30.4 cm), you'll be safer with a hat size Small. 

3. Voilá!


*Our model Donny's crown circumference is 24" (60.96 cms) therefore he fits a size XL.


For your reference, our models in our shop photos wear the following sizes:

Bernie (Yorkie): XS
Lola (Pug): S
Owen (Labradoodle): M
Boss (Rottweiler): XL

Please remember all hats are handmade so these are approximate sizes.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us before you select your size.