About Us

Hi! My name is Andrea, born and raised in El Salvador, and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I started crocheting not too long ago and quickly realized this was the hobby I was longing for. Last year, I decided to blend this new passion with another lifetime obsession of mine: dogs. I love dogs. Okay, that's an understatement, I ADORE dogs. Any and all dogs. I truly believe they are angels on Earth who deserve the whole entire world. Yarn & Bones was born from a place of love (some may say obsession, which is partly true). 

Our mission is quite simple: to bring joy into your homes in the form of cute little dog hats - and to keep your dog warm I guess hehe!


TikTok gave us a nice lil boost!

If you're here because of the TikTok video that went viral, you're amazing!!! You guys helped me truly see the potential in this, and I cannot thank you enough for that. I still cannot believe that this happened and it has pushed me to work as hard as I can for what you are seeing on this website.
I also wanted to use this space to thank my amazing partner Thomas who is the meaning of unconditional support and love. He hates PDA so he will probably not be a fan of this but suck it up Thomas because you know this is what I'm like ❤️. Thank you for being the most amazing partner a person could ask for.
I love you tons.